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DuFrane Moving & Storage receives questions every day related to packing, local moving, long distance moving, portable storage, on truck storage, moving supplies, vehicle transportation and more. Below are some of the top moving questions and answers, among other topics. Don’t see your question or topic below? Contact our Office or your consultant today!

  • Why choose DuFrane Moving & Storage?

    We are a full-service moving company that moves people locally in Wisconsin, interstate and international! We offer a variety of different services with a competitive pricing structure. Our professional and highly experienced team makes the job easy and stress free for our customers.

  • When/why do I need an in-home estimate?

    We recommend that every customer gets an in-home estimate. Even if you're moving out of a small apartment, the estimate can benefit the customer and our company by providing information such as what kind of truck is needed, the number of trucks needed, how many packers or movers will be needed, etc. Contact our Office to schedule your free in-home estimate!

  • What is a binding estimate?

    A binding estimate is an exact cost for moving services. Your final charges will not increase or decrease if your final weight is greater or less than estimated.

  • What is a non-binding estimate?

    A non-binding estimate is not guaranteed. Final costs are based on the actual weight of the shipment and actual services provided at the time of the move.

  • What is all involved with an in-home estimate?

    To schedule a day and time for your free in-home estimate, please call our Office. You will provide the Estimator with a walk-through of everything that needs to be either packed or moved and from there, an estimate will be provided.

  • What is an order for service?

    An order for service is a document with all of the customer's information needed to place a move—addresses, phone number(s), moving date(s), etc. After an order for service is completed, we will email it to the customer for them to review and sign.

  • What if I choose to have DuFrane do my packing?

    We will schedule the proper amount of days to ensure all your items are packed and ready to go for your moving day. If you would like our experienced and professional packing team to pack your items, please contact our Office!
    Visit 'Packing' page >>

  • How will I know when my shipment will be delivered?

    Typically, a local move can be completed within one day. In some situations, a move can take longer. If you are moving out of the state, we will provide you with a delivery spread, which is a list of dates that your items will be delivered.

  • What information do I need to provide if I am moving a piano?

    Information needed to move a piano: the type of piano, if it is going up or down any floors, the weight (if possible), locations it is being moved from and to, and the estimated value. Please contact our Office for more information or to schedule your piano move.
    Visit 'Pianos' page >>

  • What if I live in an upper-level apartment?

    If you live in an apartment that is not on a ground floor, please inform our Office when scheduling your move or free in-home estimate. Moving furniture and items up and down stairs can adjust the time it will take and the amount of movers required.

  • What if my driveway is not truck accessible?

    If you do not think an average moving truck will fit in your driveway, please call our Office and we can send someone to your location to determine which vehicle will best fit your move.

  • How will I know what is in my boxes?

    If you have your packing done by our team, we have specialized boxes that will have labels so you can determine which room it came from as well as a brief description of what is in the box.

  • How will I know what boxes I will need?

    Have our Estimator stop by for a free in-home estimate! From there, we can inform you on what boxes you'll need to pack certain things and we will provide you with a price for packing and/or moving. Contact our Office for more information or with any questions!
    Visit 'Boxes, Carts & Supplies' page >>

  • What if I have multiple stops to make during my move?

    An extra stop is an additional $10 per stop. Please inform the Office if you will have additional stops when you are scheduling your move or free in-home estimate.

  • What if I need to cancel my move?

    Please call our Office immediately if you need to cancel your move. For local moves, a 3-day notice is required in order to receive your deposit back and for interstate moves, a 2-week notice is required.

  • What if I need to change the date of my move?

    Please contact our Office immediately if your moving date needs to be changed.

  • Do I tip my movers?

    Tipping the movers is completely up to you! Our team does not expect to get a tip because they are there to get the job done efficiently and professionally.

  • What type of payment does DuFrane accept?

    Cash, check, debit card and credit card (4% fee).

  • When do I pay for my move?

    For most moves, payment is due when we are done unloading your items at the destination. One of the movers will hand you your bill and you can pay it with cash, check, debit card or credit card (4% fee). If different billing parties are involved, please contact our Office to discuss further.

  • What factors may affect my cost?

    Price can be affected by the number of movers needed, what types of items are being moved, if packing is involved, if a shuttle is needed, the distance between the two locations and so on. If you are concerned about the cost, we recommend scheduling a free in-home estimate to help give you an idea how much your move would cost. Contact our Office to schedule your in-home estimate!

  • What if I need my vehicle moved?

    DuFrane moves vehicles locally and out-of-state in enclosed trailers. Our team members are trustworthy, reliable, professional and experienced when it comes to moving vehicles and other items such as collector vehicles, ATVs, boats, motorcycles, etc. Contact our Office with any questions or for more information!
    Visit 'Vehicles' page >>

  • What if I am moving long distance?

    For interstate or international moves, we require our Estimator to do an in-home estimate and from there, we can provide you with all of the necessary information. If you live in a different state other than Wisconsin and would like to use DuFrane as your moving servicer, please call our Office to discuss further.
    Visit 'Interstate & International' page >>

  • Will my furnishings stay clean?

    Yes! As a full-service moving company, we come fully prepared for every move. We have a variety of supplies that we use to keep customer belongings protected—blankets or padding to cover all furnishings and in certain situations we use shrink wrap for added protection.

  • What cannot be moved?

    We do not move living items (plants or pets), anything that is flammable or any aerosol products. If you are unsure about a certain item, please call our Office to discuss further.

  • What happens if an item is damaged?

    We strive to be an accident-free moving company, but accidents do occur from time to time. If one or more of your items are damaged, please contact our Office immediately.

  • Can I move plants or other live things?

    We do not move any living plants or things. Please be sure to plan to move these items yourself.

  • What if I have a waterbed?

    We can drain, disassemble, reassemble and fill your waterbed subject to our regular hourly rate. Please notify us when you schedule your move so that we can plan for and bring the required equipment.

  • How do I protect my floors?

    We have floor protection to cover any floors, whether it's wood, tile or carpet! Please notify us when you schedule your move if this is something that you are interested in.

  • Can my possessions be stored temporarily?

    Of course! We offer a few different options when it comes to short term storage. Whether you prefer your items on a truck or in an enclosed trailer, we have the solution for you! Contact our Office with any questions or for more information.
    Visit 'On Truck Storage' page >>
    Visit 'Portable Storage' page >>

  • How many movers will it take to move my stuff?

    An average move requires 2-3 movers, but it all depends on the size of your move and what types of items are being moved. To schedule a free in-home estimate for your move, please contact our Office.

What did you like MOST about our services?
Friendly, helpful, pleasant, accommodating and very considerate of my possessions.

Anita M.


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What did you like MOST about our service?
Everything arrived quickly without loss or damage. Both loaders and unloaders did great work!



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