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Pre-Move Surveys

  • Pre-move surveys are recommended for all moves and are performed free of charge.
  • A written Estimated Cost of Services will be provided as a courtesy outlining the various charges associated with each individual move.
    • This estimated is neither a contract nor a guarantee that the actual charges will not exceed the amount of the estimate. Charges for all services performed on the day of the move will be computed on a time and materials basis subject to the terms of the carrier's tariff and bill of lading.
    • Any services that are not indicated on the estimated cost of services are to be performed by the customer prior to the scheduled move date & time.
    • Following the estimate, customers frequently request Du Frane Moving & Storage to perform additional services (packing, disassembly, appliance/electronic servicing, unpacking, extra stops, re-assembly, moving extra items, boxes, etc.) which they had originally planned on performing. Since all services are provided on a time and materials cost basis, these services would be charged accordingly. However, for scheduling purposes we request that you notify us in advance of any substantial changes in service requirements.
    • **Rates are guaranteed for 30 days following the date of the pre-move survey and rate quotations. All orders completed after 30 days will be invoiced based on prevailing rates.

Moving Process

  • A successful relocation is the result of a cooperative effort between the shipper and the carrier with each party responsible for performing various tasks
  • Our moving consultants will assist you in planning a safe, efficient and economical moving process. They will answer any questions you may have regarding the process.
  • A great deal of time, energy & cost are involved in preparing your household goods for transportation. This process includes packing, disassembly, appliance/electronic servicing, etc.

Moving Day Start Time(s):

  • Morning move start times are approximately 8:00 am (or 7:00 am upon request or certain circumstances). This can vary slightly.
  • All "afternoon" jobs are done on a first come ­ first serve basis and are done as soon as the morning move is completed. In some instances morning moves take longer than expected which can push the afternoon move to later than expected. We do apologize for any inconvenience but there is no guaranteed time.


  • Transportation rates are computed on an hourly basis subject to the number of men, trucks utilized and an hourly minimum.
  • Minimums for the following cities are:
    • Fond du Lac/Beaver Dam/Ripon/Oshkosh  1-hour
    • Fox Cities/Plymouth/Sheboygan/West Bend  2-hours
    • Green Bay/Manitowoc/Milwaukee/Madison  4-hours
  • **If we can coordinate your move with another move on that day in the area, your move will be subject to a 1-hour minimum.
  • Accessorial Services such as cartons, packing, unpacking & appliance services are charged in addition to the hourly rate.
  • Additional fees will apply for work performed during the evening, weekend or holiday hours which are subject to a 4-hour minimum. Please consult our office for specific rates.

Travel Time:

  • Travel Time to and from the warehouse (approximately 15 minutes each way) and between residences is subject to the hourly transportation rate. The travel time may be more if you reside outside the city.


  • Pre-move surveys assume that our truck is able to park within 50' of the door of your residence. If truck parking is a problem, check with your consultant as to the best loading area and make arrangements to the reserve the necessary space with the city, apartment manager, etc. Walking distances required in excess of 50' will result in additional labor costs.


  • If an elevator is on the premises, make certain it will be available to us at the time and day of your scheduled move. Please consult the manager to obtain an elevator key and elevator wall pads.

Items not to be Moved:

  • Any items, which are to be packed or moved (cleaning supplies, prescriptions, clothing, toiletries, etc.), should be set aside in one location. Advise our crew of the location as well as any refuse which is not intended for transportation.

Extra Stops:

  • Please advise our office and driver if an extra pick-up or delivery is necessary so the truck can be loaded in the correct order. A small extra stop fee will apply.


  • Perishable foods may be transported at the owner's risk; however, we suggest taking them on your own or eliminating them to prevent spoilage.
  • **Storage: Canned food items are the only food items that may be placed into storage. Even if these items are non-perishables (not in cans), they cannot be placed into storage.

Flammable Articles:

  • No Flammable Articles (matches, aerosol cans, lighter fluid, gas tanks, etc.) may be packed or transported. Please move or dispose of all articles of this nature.


  • Plants may be transported at the owner's risk; however, climate and road conditions may not be suitable for survival. All plants must be placed in cartons to prevent spillage and to allow secure placement in the truck.


  • We can drain, disassemble, reassemble and fill your waterbed subject to our regular hourly rate. Please notify us in advance so that we can plan for and bring the required equipment.

Disassembly & Reassembly:

  • We perform standard disassembly/reassembly of beds, mirrors, tables & residence doors
  • Additional labor will be required for disassembly/assembly of pool tables, ping pong tables, exercise equipment, outdoor play equipment, waterbeds, metal shelving, pressed wood furniture, satellite dishes, etc.
  • Labor for these services can be substantial and is not included in the time allowed for transportation unless it is specifically noted on the pre-move survey/rate quotation.
  • **Note: pressed wood furniture is designed to be moved disassembled. Moving these items (bookshelves, tables, desks, entertainment centers, wardrobes, pool tables, etc.) assembled may result in damage to the joints and will be performed at the owner's risk.

Appliance/Electronic Servicing:

  • Top-Load Washers: To prevent damage to the internal components and body of the washer, the driver will insert a Styrofoam block in the tub for a nominal fee. (Washers should not be run for 24 hours if the washer was transported in cold temps)
  • Gas Appliances: If you are unable to properly disconnect your gas appliances, please notify our office so suitable arrangements can be made. Du Frane will not reconnect gas appliances.
  • Appliance Connections: We will disconnect and reconnect appliances at the owner's direction and risk when suitable parts are provided. For liability reasons, we are unable to reconnect gas appliances.
  • Electronic Equipment: Stereos, televisions, computers, etc. requires servicing and packaging for safe transportation. We can reconnect most equipment; however, we recommend that you contact a vendor specializing in this service for complicated systems.

Final Check Before Departure:

  • Before leaving, it is the customer's responsibility to make a thorough inspection of the premises (including the yard, basement, attic and storage areas) to ensure that all of the desired items have been loaded. Don't forget to check the cupboards, built-in-cabinets and rafters!

Placement of Furniture:

  • An integral part of our service is to set-up & arrange your furniture to your liking. We recommend that you plan the location of the major items before we arrive at destination to avoid unnecessary movement. We also request that you be available to direct the location of each item as it enters the residence.

Payment Policy:

  • Price quotes are based on the cash rate. Payment must be made at destination (or origin in some cases) in cash, personal check (with proper ID), debit card or credit card for Local moving & cash, cashier’s check, money order, debit card or credit card for Interstate moving. **We do take American Express!


  • Customers often ask whether it is appropriate to "tip" movers. Over the years, tipping movers has become more & more common and is now considered customary. We recommend that any tips provided be based on your level of satisfaction for the services provided.

Cancellation Policy:

  • To avoid a minimum cancellation fee, all cancellations need to be made at least 24-hours in advance from your moving date. They can be made Monday - Friday between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:00 pm. Cancellations cannot be left on voicemail.

Post Move Follow-up:

  • Following your move, you will receive our "Customer Service Report" in the mail for completion. Your comments are reviewed and appreciated by every member of the organization. Please take the time to rate us on Yahoo!, Google and "like" us on Facebook!

Moving Tips

Planning ahead will help relieve tension and make moving less stressful and more efficient. Here are a few hints to help you develop an effective moving strategy.

  • Seek Helpful Resources: A realtor can help you learn about your new destination (schools, taxes, jobs, etc.) Movers and packing companies can minimize the exhaustion of the physical move. If using a moving or packing company doesn't fit into you budget, consider hiring one on a limited basis to move the heavy items.
  • Buy a Day Planner or Organizer: Look for something to help you collect your appointments, telephone numbers and addresses. Include a zippered bag or pouch for receipts and business cards.
  • Pack with Ease: Collect boxes early and start gathering the nonessentials little by little. Keep on schedule by making a deadline for each room or area of the house. Once you have completed a room, reward yourself and take a break.
  • Cut the Clutter: Moving is a great time to discard unwanted items you've collected over the years. Go through your garage, attic, basement and storage areas - you may find some good giveaways. Use this as an opportunity to donate items to a local charity.
  • Pack Your Survival Box Last: Your comforts of home will be out of use for a while, so pack your immediate needs in a box. Include your family's essentials (coffee-maker, blankets, sheets, an alarm clock and entertainment). Gather some books, crayons, paper and if you can fit the TV and VCR, do it! Make sure you keep a small tool kit handy. You may need to reassemble tables and cribs or fix drawers or appliances when you arrive at your destination.
  • Label Everything!: Essentially, packing is organizing your life into boxes and marking each accordingly. Make a list and take photos or videos of your valuables (include serial numbers) you'll want to keep these handy in case anything gets lost.
  • *Fill any prescriptions so you have at least two weeks' worth of medication
  • *Have your prescriptions forwarded to the new pharmacy
  • *Gather important personal papers (medical and dental records, school records, birth certificates, etc.)
  • *Register your change of address with the post office.
  • *Mail change of address cards to friends and family
  • *Notify all credit card companies, insurance companies and financial institutions of your change of address
  • *Contact your bank and arrange for the transfers of all accounts and personal loans. Order checks with your new address.
  • *Cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions or change the delivery address.
  • *Arrange to have utilities (gas, electric, phone, cable, water, etc.) disconnected in your present home and connected at your new home.
  • *Properly dispose of dangerous materials
  • *Services automobile(s) for the trip if necessary.